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Health & Safety at DDGC

We are committed to the health safety and wellbeing of our staff, members, visitors and guests.

Our health and safety management system helps to ensure that risks are evaluated and that risks are reduced as far as reasonably practicable.


Golf, although enjoyable, does have a number of associated hazards when we play. As players we are expected to be aware of the dangers to both ourselves and others that may be affected by our actions. This simple guide aims to draw attention to the hazards and reduce the risk through simple control measures.

All persons that use the club have a duty to take care of their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their actions or omissions, therefore all have a personal responsibility to follow this common-sense guidance issued by DDGC.



Be aware of the position of other people and maintain a safe distance at all times.



Never play until those in front of you are out of range.

Never play if you feel others have encroached in to your line of shot from another hole, always wait until they move to a safer position before playing.

Always shout “FORE” to warn others of stray shots heading in wrong or someone’s direction.

Always take evasive action on the shout of “FORE” by turning away from the direction of the shout and by covering your face and head with your arms and hands.




Due to the topography of the course, there are many blind shots, never play shots if you cannot be certain the intended landing area is clear of other golfers, green staff or members of the public. Utilise playing partners to ensure you are safe and the intended landing area is clear, i.e., walking forward to assess if the 5th green is clear of golfers.

Please remember pedestrians on the Public Rights of Way have right of way over golfers on the course.



Where fog is present, visibility is dependent upon where you are on the course.

Apply the same rules as a blind shot, never play shots if you cannot be certain the intended landing area is clear of other golfers, green staff or members of the public


Due to our location, we are at the highest point for some miles please be vigilant when under tree canopies in strong winds.




Uneven ground, Gradients, Up Slopes, Down Slopes, Ditches, Streams, Ponds, Bunkers, Steps, Pathways, Golf Course Furniture.

Be aware of these hazards in regards to slipping, tripping and falling. Always look for the safest routes when walking. Avoid walking up or down steep banks whenever possible.

Keep a safe distance from ditches, streams, ponds, deep bunkers and where ground levels fall away. Many hazards increase in regard to risk when wet, frozen or muddy.

Always wear the correct footwear and clothing and ensure they are in good condition and fit for purpose. If using golf shoes with moulded soles, metal, or soft spikes take extra care when wet and avoid slippery surfaces such as wooden steps and/or sleepers




If there is the risk of thunder and lightning:

Do NOT use any shelters on the course.

Do NOT stand under any overhead power lines.

Do NOT shelter under trees or on high ground.

Do NOT walk under trees when making your way off the course.

Do NOT use your mobile telephone.

Do NOT put up your umbrella under any circumstances.

Get off the course as soon as reasonably practicable!




The phone number of the Clubhouse is 01327 702829 Pro Shop.

In the case of a medical emergency where an ambulance is required, dial 999.

The postcode of the Club is NN11 2LS.




Must be reported to the Pro Shop, Bar or club office, and the incident logged in the Accident or Near Miss Book.

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